Karen Spiegel, Founder

Experience You Can Count On


As a skilled storyteller and reputation builder, especially for brands in transition, I have worked with energy startups and led global Marketing and Communications for advertising agencies rooted in technology and strategically repositioned them. Since 2000, I saw firsthand the impact of technology disruption and how quickly it changed business models in the media business, moving from a centralized to distributed one and now a similar scenario is occurring in other industries including energy, healthcare and the retail sectors. 

Having successfully repositioned a multitude of companies over my career, from FCB as Chief Communications Officer with a rebranding and renaming plan, to R/GA as SVP Marketing and Communications, assisting with the company’s transition to becoming a global digital agency known for innovation at the intersection of creative and technology disruption. 

Over the years I have written and spoken on the need to communicate clearly. Our goal at KS&Co. is to bring a fresh perspective to companies, while helping to support their vision and expand their customer base.  Having a variety of experiences - from a law degree in intellectual property, to a background in technology product/service sales and successfully creating strategic positioning for clean energy companies, the common thread is being passionate about seeing beyond the norm.